A Thriller That Left Me Wanting Mre

Crossing The Whitewash: The Rugby World Cup Thriller - Nick Rippington

Gary Marshall was on track to becoming a footballer. One fateful night was the spark that changed everything for him and his family. He met a young boy named Arnie, a local boy from a well known hoodlum family. Together they started a gang The Boxer Boys. Gary goes out fit one night and comes back broken, physically and mentally. His dreams crushed his attitude altered he and his gang lash out and the consequences must be paid.
Years later Gary has changed his name, moved away, disconnected from his family and friends, hidden from all who knew him. he starts this new life in a quirky wonderful town in Wales with some fantastic characters who happen to be rugby players. Here in this semi crazy place he develops connections with few of them, even if he doesn't want too. When his past comes looking for him and his truth comes out what will these trusting people do with him?
World Cup Rugby, that was what made me pick this book up. I'm crazy for the sport. I'd never heard of the author, and I'm not really a thriller reader. The beginning was a bit slow going I had some language issues. Yes, this was in English but it was in British English which took me a few chapters to adjust into. I'm an American and our English is well it's different. Once I got the lingo figured out, and I'm so glad the author didn't water it down, the lingo made it so real and gritty. This was a gritty dirty tale, he did not grow up in the upper neighborhood. I fell for Gary, he was strong, pitiful, scared, angry, honest, a liar, a realistic person with real problems who made bad choices. It was the Welsh Rugby Father and Son duo that stole the show for me. I think they are my two favorite characters I've met this year. I loved this story, I wanted more when it ended. I am a fan of Mr. Rippington and will be reading his next books. Please bring the Welsh boys back !