Lions Tigers and Bison oh my

Magic Shifts  -  Ilona Andrews

Lions, Tigers and Bison, oh my.
What a tangled web of trouble poor Kate finds herself in. All she wanted was a few hours of the simple life. Just time to drink coffee and gaze at her loved ones in the mornings, time for privacy and time for laughter. Too bad their neighbors hate/fear them. Her friends husband disappeared, and she is forced to take on the search because of pack stuff BS. Things go from bad to much worse quickly, her father seeps into the edges of her sphere, a magical ancient baddy makes people die with a side of serious crazy. Then Kate makes a move, a move that will backlash into a tissue box worth of heartbreak. Holy crispy critters, that is all I'm saying on her role, you do not want this surprise ruined.
Curran, Julie, Derek, Jim and others are all second in this edition. I felt it was very Kate based, more than previous books. She had some issues to overcome and some lessons to learn, the others really could only support her while she did her thing. We had very little time with Curran outside of blood death and tears but them time was well worth the wait. He roared, ripped, snarled, shuttered and gave his all to his mate. Yes, there was pie, apple pie and Curran are never to be far apart. I just happen to have one in my fridge right now. < wink >
I really loved the book, it took the story to a higher level with the evolution of Kate. I did miss the interaction with side characters but she needed this push to keep the story fresh and moving. I read it an plan to listen to the audio next I think I would enjoy it even more on audio with all the action.