Love Does Not Follow The Plan

Then Came You - Jill Shalvis

I really love the way this author write her characters. I can't help but like them, they never fail to be good honest what you want in a friend types. She ups that by adding animals, animal rescue, animal search and rescue, Veterinarians. Did I mention cute animals ? Adorable ones.

This book follows a young woman on her internship Veterinarian tour. She is sent to Idaho when she missed her chance to get the Los Angeles Foo Foo clinic. Unhappy with this middle of nowhere place she sets her focus on her plan, make it 365 days, race back to LA and work with glamorous clients and earn big money. She's not shallow she has family that she cares for, and they are costly. On her first day at work In Idaho she meets her coworkers and is floored when one of them is her one night stand from a conventions she attended. Oh and it was one fabulous night, her first and only one night stand. They decide to keep it business like and ignore the past. Well honestly, do you think this is going to be that simple ? Ha !  They will try to keep it impersonal. She will try to keep herself focused on her move date. She will fight the obvious and.....

What a fun ride. I will reread it, I laughed, teared up and cheered for this sweet romantic tale.