The Intensity Builds

Pure - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Alex the baby ___________ is getting anxious as her date with destiny grows nearer. Then on top of that she is facing some very difficult choices made and ones she will have to make. Life or death, stupid or wise, love or comfort and each will lesson her choices down the line. Crap on toast, serious stuff here.  It seems like almost everyone including the gods want her dead. When she make the choice to save her own skin she breaks a rule and a half. She does some really stupid stuff, and some mean stuff in my humble opinion. I don't like her very much in this book.

Relationship wise she is still waffling with her decision on Seth. What an idiot, she is. That makes me want to, at the very least pull her hair out. Come on he is a hot super duper rippled man with skills and desire. Taste the sky Alex, taste it ! Yes I want her to follow through on her choice. She made the choice she voiced the choice now be the choice girl ! Grrrrr, waffling makes me pissy. She is not all to blame, "Mr. Can't Touch This" just will not go away, he lurks, goes all silvery eyed and gets touchy touchy, keeping her heart in his touchless hands. 

The powers that be have evil among them. An elephant load of poo hits the fan and many die. Wicked women are awakened and let's just say they don't wake well. Secrets start to unfold and Alex plans on being stupid and not listening. Finally, the story fades to  a cliffhanger. 

I'm off to book 3