Romeo and Juliet in Outer Space Fight Doom

Born of Defiance - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Scared unloved unclaimed and unhappy, Talyn must fight for every breath he takes and more. The world is against him for his birth at the very least. This world has a very well defined chaste system and he is at the lowest. He uses what he has to survive, his body, he fights in the ring, and always wins but at a physical cost. There are many who control him and hate him for the past, a time before he was in born. He has a sucky suck life and it's sinking deeper in the muck. Then he meets a girl, a girl who changes everything.
Another dark fun escapade with SK, not much League stuff in this one but it had ties to many of the characters and branches. I enjoy this space action romance series and look forward to the next book