Alpha Male With The Best House Award

Born of Fury - Sherrilyn Kenyon

For the best fictional bachelor pad the award goes to: Hawk ***** Clapping Wildly******
Yes, this character has the home of dreams with all the cherries on top. Why am I focusing on this? Read the book and visualize the dream, omg the shower. ~sigh~ I could live there with a Hawk.
If you are not up to date on this series you should be.
Hawk is massive, sexy and scarred by his past, and beaten by his present. He is trapped in unhappiness and celibacy. The hot hunk of a man is a virgin, and to change that would mean his death. He is forbidden to find comfort so he uses his energy to protect his family and friends, and he is ferocious. His life is threatened at the highest level when he runs into an assassin who is there to kill him.
His assassin is a woman, an attractive woman who stirs something inside of him. She is there by force, and will do what she has to do because someone she loves will die if she doesn't. It also helps that there are serious emotional scars flowing in her veins against the family Hawk. She is a survivor, a warrior, and a bit of a broken soul who will rip apart the life Hawk has built.
Yeehaw, another fun ride with S.K. and her League series. I had taken a break fro her writing for a year, but am thrilled to be back in the sexy hunky semi caveman program. There is a lot of alpha to absorb here as well as her other series I need to take them in small doses. I feel bruised and battered from all the wounds these characters received.
Great narration the reader brought the world alive