Family Saga Time Machine

Fancy Pants - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

I loved the old family sagas on TV, like Dallas. Generations of family and all their blissful daily problems and joys. It you liked those long winded, heartbreaking, romantic, dramas this is the book for you. This family had generations of ups, soaring to the highest peaks and bone crushing defeats and plenty of the in-between moments.

The main part of the story focuses on Francisca and Dallie, two complete opposites thrown together by desperation one night. She is a pampered social light from the UK he is an American hunk of a man, a never winning golfer. They are the oil and water, but oil and water can mix if you shake it hard enough. The shake and then she goes one way he goes another. There is a little token from their night and it will change everything.

I really enjoyed this audiobook. The narration was wonderfully done. The trip back to the 80's was fun and it never felt old. I liked all the characters, they were developed well and I grew attached to each of them. I disagreed with Francy for what I thought was a horrible choice, but I understood her reasoning.  She is the ultimate girl who pulled on her big girl panties and wore them well. Dallie, messed up with some serious back ground problems was a true man when it counted. I did scream at them several times in my head that they were making mistakes. These characters were so richly written I felt like I'd known them for years.

I want more from this world.