There is More Than Spirits in Them Woods

Sea of Shadows - Kelley Armstrong

 The Quick-Fantasy, mythical creatures, spirits, back stabbing, fighting and love's first kiss.


Audiobook- excellent narration


Twin sisters have a very special purpose in this world of magic and spirits. One is The Keeper one The Seeker, they find the angry spirits in the forest and send them to peace. At 16 they are young but not without skills, skills that they will need when the stories they believed to be just tales start to some true.  Their village their family and their beliefs will all change and be challanged. They must survive.

The sisters, while they look identical are not alike in personality. Moria is feisty, warrior like, more jaded in her heart. Ashyn, is more gentle, trusting with an open heart and dreams of love. Both have bonded beasts, a Wild Cat and a Hound of The Immortals, while they are huge scary deadly beasts they do have their sweet little pet buddy moments.

When tragedy strikes they head off in the dangers of the forest and beyond. The two main travel pals are Gavril, the cold hearted soft as steal young man and Ranon a snarky light hearted Young man who survived horrendous challenges. Yin and Yang. Trust-worthy, they may not be. Lust-worthy, well there is a light touch of that, perhaps more. There was a romantic first kiss. yeh it was supper sweet I might have giggled with joy.

High on action, fantasy, and adventure, low on romance. I really enjoyed the characters, the adventure and loved the fantastical magical creatures. Didn't love the cliffhanger ending when the next book was not out yet. Ms. Armstrong left me hanging, wanting more, MORE !  I need to know if _______ really was the bad one !