Good People Good Food and A Sweet Story

The Coincidence of Coconut Cake - Amy E. Reichert

A wonderful and hard ride with a restauranteur chef and her relationships.
First thing, you have to make the cake at the end of the book. It is decadent, in all the right ways a cake should be and trust me you’ll be craving it among other foods at the end of this read. *Don’t read on an empty stomach.*
Lou is a young chef owner of a small restaurant in Milwaukee. Her business is finally coming out of the red and hopes are high for a successful future. She is engaged to a very successful man and works with two fantastic friends, everything is good. No, not really. Her fiancé’ is not what she has lead her heart to believe, her present happiness is also not exactly what her heart dreamed of. Then when a what should have been a fabulous day crashes and burns her happiness bubble everything changes. Changes, hurt and scar but they are not always bad, even extremely painful ones.
Al, is an unhappy Englishman stuck working in this, what he considers a nowhere city writing restaurant reviews. He hates living there and only thinks about the day he gets another job someplace else. While standing in line for coffee one day he smells the most wonderful scents and they are attached to a very attractive woman. She smells of bacon, coconut cake and vanilla and he is drawn to her. She tells him about her fiancé' and the cake she made him then goes about her day. They meet again, talk and he challenges her to prove her city is wonderful. They begin to explore and get to know each other. Later on he is instrumental in undoing her life’s dream and he doesn’t even know it.
Lou takes on the challenge of showing Al how wonderful Milwaukee is. Her life is crumbling down around her but she doesn’t pass the pain on, she lives and feels joy in the simple things. He finds himself starting to see the uniqueness in the city and develop feelings for this woman. Unfortunately, there are several secrets between them that will blow up and hurt deep.
What a lovely sweet romance, between the main couple and a few side characters. I loved the pacing, we got to know these people and their back stories. Good people, great histories, fabulous friendships.The couples exploration of the city, it’s festivals and cultural events had me wanting to visit the city. The food, was incredible, I think I dreamed of several of the goodies mentioned. I enjoyed every page, and will jump on the chance to read this authors future works.


Yes I made the cake, here is the finished product and one of my dogs peeking