Action Flames and Dirt Moving Fae

Wicked Embers - Keri Arthur

Urban fantasy, action packed, suspenseful and fast.
Emberly is flaming hot and sharing her life with her two men Rory and Jackson. Rory he life mate and Jackson her man for those lusty moments she needs. The three work well together and have each other's backs when in danger. Emberly and Jackson are working a case in their PI business that just might slightly cross the line of where Sam said not to go. They are working a case where body parts are being eaten by huge beast, and still trying to figure out the missing notes dealing with The Red Cloaks. The Red Cloaks raise the stakes becoming more dangerous with bigger numbers.
Sam, who still has the ability to break her heart a little with each visit happens to be in charge of an investigation that Eberly is having dreams about. He threatens, bullies, and snaps at Emberly every chance he gets. Such a jerk, and she loves him. The heart can be a cruel organ.
Eberly is having dreams, prolific dreams , horrific with a black beast, and death. She chases them hoping to find the answers but she is always a step behind. She speeds up the chase and risks it all when the beast starts picking younger victims.
An excellent urban fantasy, fast action, intense suspense, horror and a light touch of romance. I was left hanging with so many questions, I'm craving the next installment. Keri author has done it again.