Irish Rugby Player Plays With Ties

The Hooker and the Hermit - Penny Reid, Luci Cosway


Holy Steamy Glasses this book was smoldering with well done sexy moments. The narration was perfect, making this a double winner. Great story, with wonderful full developed characters, fun side characters, real conversations, intelligent characters who had common sense, bondage and empathy. I loved it but I thought I wouldn't.

It is no secret that I'm not a fan of bondage, or relationship romance reads. It usually makes me feel very turned off by how it is presented. This author treaded into the subject gently, with respect, and with full open communication. It was not the point where all circled around it was just the cherry cupcake for this couple. There was not belittling, verbal abuse or crudeness it was all presented beautifully.

I found all the right spots in this for me, a slow build up earned relationship, respect, honesty, intelligence and communication followed up with a great story. No, it did not hurt that there was a super sexy Irish rugby player front and center, Nope, it didn't hurt at all.

IYou want more, you can read the blurb on the book. Get the audio if you can, you'll be pleased. 

This will be re-listen for me.