Heaven, Texas - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Booby Tom is a broken ex football player. His knee was damaged during a game that ended his life time love of playing football. He is also the player known to woman around the globe, a lier, and an egomaniac. But Bobby Tom is not a bad guy he loves people and helping people is his #1 goal, unfortunately everyone takes.

Gracie Snow is a small town 30 year old virgin who has lived a very sheltered life working in a retirement home. When she get an offer for  job with a movie production company she jumps on the chance to change things up and hopefully loose that V-card.

Yes, it sounds cliche' I know, but it wasn't Gracie is a force that slowly comes out to shine and cement her place in the world. She demands to stand on her own, and does no waver. She is kind, generous and the thorn in Bobby Toms side. He is the typical jock we have all seen on TV, but not behind the facade. He acts like a bully when he doesn't get his way, By does he screw up. What I'm trying to tell you that even if there is the predictable HEA the path is not straight it is jagged.




 This was a very slow played out romance with great side characters