Wanted the Train to go Off-rail

The Girl on the Train: A Novel - Paula Hawkins

When I said I really hated the characters in this book and disliked the whole story I got a lot of this 

How could I to like it ? It's a best seller ? 


I found the main character pathetic, in her alcoholism, her inability to move on, her lack of common sense. She was boring, repetitive and predictable.
The story read the same, slow filled with unlikeable characters, a predictable story and a meh ending.
The feeling I got most for this was that I just wanted somebody to kill her and end her pathetic existence. The main character just angered me by her lack of anything except her stalking. She was an idiot stalker too, getting blackout drunk and doing ? She couldn't remember.


The mystery, figured it out before 50%. 


 Good point:The narration was fantastic