Southern Fried Peach Flavored Second Chance at Love

From Scratch - Rachel S Goodman

A Down Home Southern Second Chance at Love Romantic Tale with all the Fixin’s
Lillie lived in a small community in the Dallas area. She was raised in a dinner her father owned and loved cooking and developing recipes. She had loved the boy next door almost all her life, and he loved her till something tore them apart. She left her friends, her family, her roots and headed to Chicago where she suffered alone and slowly grabbed at pieces of happiness. She moved on, found a place of comfort. One day she got an emergency call, and five years later was forced to head home and face some truths and traumas.
Nick was the golden boy, from a long line of surgeons. He loves to hang out at Lillie’s house, he was almost like one of the family. Lillie was his first love, and were headed down the path to forever together. Designated to be a great doctor, pressured by his family to accomplish his degree he heads to medical school. While in school he and Lillie struggle to stay together until the war is lost and Lillie is gone. Five years later she comes back into town and finds Nick had gone on with his life as well.
I really enjoyed the story, loved the characters, and drooled over the food. You can gain weight just from reading this book. The pacing was realistic, the emotions honest and believable, the ending was wonderful. I was cheering for more than one couple here, good people belong together. If you are looking for some good down home, romantic, peach cobbler and ice tea, second chance romance adventure this is your book. A romantic foodies dream read.