I Had to Think

Human Kindness and the Smell of Warm Croissants: An Introduction to Ethics - Ruwen Ogien, Martin Thom

Dry in parts, read almost like a textbook, and yet some parts had me glued to the pages and not sleeping on my desk, like in college. I was drawn into the process, I was lost with contrasting viewpoints, the book made me think beyond my little circle. I had moments of frustration because there just wasn't an acceptable answer, all outcomes cost too much. It worked, I thought, I considered and I looked inside myself but
I didn't enjoy the process, some parts where hard to get through. They were boring with facts and studies, or featured uncomfortable choices. I had hoped, when I picked it up that it would be a light hearted book, it's wasn't. I did get more from it than my college textbooks and lectures. I would recommend it to student of Ethics.