Raunchy Hilarious Fun

American Badass - Jeff Chacon

I laughed, cringed, snorted and wanted to grab a sanitizing cloth. This is so off the charts from what you expect in a zombie read. It’s funny, with all kinds of politically incorrect moments, idiotic people, ridiculous situations, bloody bone dipping and of course brains. It was just what I wanted, dark humor.
Ron, the zombie used to be a zombie killer till he was hit by a truck and changed into a slow walking, brain eating flesh addict. The world hasn’t seen a zombie in months and it seems they have become extinct. So what is an ex-zombie killer, who isn’t supposed to exist to do when he just might be the last zombie standing ? Well he heads to Vegas where he can blend in with the other off beat types and find his daughter who lives there. He was married to a blonde it didn’t work out so he only does brunettes now, well he tried. Yeas, he’s a horny one, his lower body brain seems to have a better blood flow, but don’t hold it against him. On the plan a pair of breast attached to a blond woman begin a raunchy adventure through Vegas bars, bathrooms, shag carpet, sex and eyeballs. Why is it that eyeballs taste so good going down ? LOL
Raunchy fun with a dead guy in Vegas. Hangover (the movie) gone dark and twisted but with even more laughs. If this is made into a movie I’m there with my jar of eyeballs, ah I mean olives to much on. Open ended, for American Badass 2 ?