Fun & Furry with Unforgettable Characters

Ready to Were: Shift Happens Series Book One - Robyn Peterman

I love snark, furry snark, old snark, fiery snark, sparkly snark, nothing beats a good laugh. If you add a good story, with some heartbreak, back stabbing and kick arse action you have a winning combination for this reader. This book hit that happy spot, I enjoyed it, had fun with these characters and chuckled loudly in public while reading it. I can't believe I almost passed up on this and it was (is still) am Amazon freebie. Hey, the majority of them have been lacking for me. Give it a try, the price is right. 

The story. Young woman who is recovering from broken heart is signed to work in her old town where ex-heartbreaker lives as Alpha. This is her home town, where everyone knows her business and where she can't avoid the scandal/drama of her past. She travels with her BFF a flamboyant gay super sexy vamp, who had some of the best lines and wore the best shoes. Granny, her old loving sweet granny who happens to be an ex-stripper lives life to the fullest and offers her granddaughter her nipple-less bras. Yes, wild she is and that little example isn't the most crazy. The heartbreaker jerk Alpha she is recovering from, just happens to be the sherif and the single hottie every warm blooded female in town drools for.  She of course earned her lesson.There is danger, romance, arse kicking, back stabbing, fighting, fire, karma, and fun.

I plan on reading the rest of this series  and more from this author