Pooh Bear Finds His Honey Pot

Wild About You - Kerrelyn Sparks

Howard the cute cuddly Kodiak Bear shifter meets his curse, heart first. Finally, the series's Pooh bear finds some happiness.

Howard's HS sweetheart was killed, a werewolf was missing presumed dead, and he was blamed and banned from his people. He has worked for the vampires as their day guard for years and when they hear of his interest in a certain home improvement celebrity they hook them up in secret. When a hot burning curse wakes up old tales and old fears Howard brings out the picnic basket. (Yes, a picnic basket)  He works his romance, he runs from Aunts and falls hard but when a previously dead were-bad-guy shows up alive and even more wicked everything changes.

Fun, funny, sweet, and very interesting with the addition of yet another para-something special to add to the family. Howard will leave you with a smile.