The Amazing Incredible Octopus

The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness - Sy Montgomery

When I started this I expected a scientific journal watered down for the non scientific reader. I did not expect it to be a personal journal with some scientific facts thrown in. I was looking for more science, more facts then offered. I was a bit miffed at the personal moments, her diving lessons, her ear troubles, relationships of companions. I wanted more information on the octopus and it's fascinating life. Fascinating they are, and there is so much more that we still are far from understanding.
I did gain a new appreciation for the octopus. I was amazed by the interactions between the various beings and humans. They are so much more than taught in school. They are complex living creatures with different personalities, moods and fears. Understanding their types of communications comes from a lot of time spent interacting with them. They have gifts that we do not, which makes it hard for us to relate to them. That does not mean that they are brainless, unfeeling beings without conscious thoughts. The octopus has amazing abilities, their brain can have as many as 75 lobes compared to the human 4. It can see in panoramic views. There is new evidence that they may be able to see with their skin to get the perfect camouflage. This is just a small bit of their abilities, they are truly amazing.
There is some information on other species in the sea. Some fascinating facts and tidbits to wow you with the gifts of the sea.
I really enjoyed the book even with the slow journal sections that just didn't interest this reader. I did enjoy her focus of the emotional connections she saw. I may go find her Pig book and give it a go.