Hell on the Mud Flats

The Ice Twins: A Novel - Peter Tremayne

All I can think of is "daaaamn" and a few other choice words I will not print. Wow, psychological, twisted, dysfunctional, never saw that coming, and oh daaaammmn. 

What a tragic dark beginning. The death of a child, an identical twin in a horrible accident at 6 years of age. Horrors such as this can destroy the ones left behind, survivors guilt, what ifs and pain caused anger fueled by a massive fire burning lives into ashes. The fire is all consuming in this tale. I don’t enjoy watching people come undone, the suffering the blaming, it’s too painful. I didn’t enjoy the story but I loved the writing, excellent pacing and the suspense was dreadfully intense. All the characters are stuck in this muck of memories

The whole story is bleak even the setting. The setting is in Scotland where all places visited are described as cold, windy, foreboding places with depressing names. The home is run down alone and separate from the world. The setting fits perfectly for the story.
This surviving child, she frightened me, my heart broke for her and I disliked her.

She is so off, so twisted. Her other half is gone but not. Her existence is a lie ? I just couldn’t like her.

There are so many secrets Secrets cause pain, some of them are already exposed some stay hidden slowly revealing to a horrific realization.

I hated the story, hated the unending pain and sorrow. I am not a fan of sad books. I loved the writing, even with a subject I found unpalatable I could not stop reading. This author is a master at her craft.