A New Taste In Urban Fantasy

Raising Cain - Kelli Ireland

Talk about a rollercoaster ride. This book had me going along on a nice but semi curvy rail then it went up, up, up, whipped around smashed me into the side and plummeted into a dark tunnel where instead of having a calm moment it switched track and flipped my back around the other way. Honestly Ms. Ireland I think I got a few new grey hairs, and loved it.
I read this based on a recommendation from a friend SnoopDoo. I went in almost blind I knew it had all the basic elements I enjoy reading about, demons, succubuses, vampires, fallen angels, unicorns and more. When I saw the cover I expected a romance, I caught myself expecting the normal pattern found in so many books. You know what I mean, it's predictable. I couldn't figure out the next step in this one, overtime I thought I saw what was coming I was surprised by a completely different move. What brave move from this author and I'm sure she get some bad rubbings for her fresh writing. I liked it, I was a tab overwhelmed with all the story swirls and switches but they came together so well at the end where I caught myself doing the hand slap on the forehead muttering "Oh Shish-kabob" I never saw that coming. The end was tear-filled and once again shockingly unexpected, got me again !
I'm not going to tell you about the story, let it be a surprise. It is an urban fantasy, magical, otherworldly with threads of romantic smoke and mirrors. It is a world building, character building first in a series. Give it a chance to win you over.