Another Adventure in Oddville

Day Shift - Charlaine Harris

Book 2 in the midnight Texas trilogy
Ms. Harris has a way with characters. She can form the simplest of them into these interesting addicting beings. You just want to know them better, want to sit and share an ice tea with them. There was more to this second book, more people, more action, more mystery. She does love a slow build up, luckily so do I. This one has several shockers that amazed and surprised me. I loved it.
This book continues with the characters from book one and adds a few more to spice up the town. A sexy orange striped furry shifter from her Southern Vampire Series makes a brief showing as well as a telepathic bellboy. The shifter brings a new face to town Diderik. Mr Snuggy, has some new friends
When the abandoned hotel in town is mysteriously reopened the town goes into tail spin, nerves are on edge. The when one on Manfield’s clients ends up dead at the same time as a couple seen with another Midnight Texas resident more attention is forced on the residents. Attention is not something anyone in Midnight wants, they are there to disappear.
The Reverend, we finally get to see some of the mystery behind that collar of his. Holy Shockwave, wait till you see what he;s been hiding. I never saw that coming.
Joe and Chuy, well there goes another shocker. WAM Holy Smack-dab what do you know. I wondered what their secret was and when I found out, another didn’t see that coming moment.