A YA Read Rich With Imagination and Eloquent Lines

Undertow - Michael Buckley

Wow, I really loved this world. It had be visualizing The Pirates of the Caribbean at times which was another bonus for this read. Small bit of teen angst didn't really interfere with the story. Yes, it had that one special snowflake person that seems to run a muck in the present YA reads but this snowflake had many humble moments to balance all the  "Bling"

A future romantic interlude ? There was a taste and then it was thrown out to sea. A love triangle with many different angles but handled with intelligence. 

The first half read like a horror novel. Wicked things have come to town. Evil, strange and dangerous, or is it the racist idiotic locals that are dangerous ? There is a lot of hate and anger. Hate of differences, fear of the unknown an unwillingness to accept change. Secrets, spies, conspiracies and control.

The second half of the book pulls some of the teen romantic angst out of the tried and true and swings it around. It had to happen and it was done well with believable pacing. Then the love moments turn into fear. Fear is the center of this world on all sides, Fear makes ugly things happen, heartbreaking, angering, and disgusting. It grows, death comes and everything changes, everything.

Strong characters shine bright, wicked ones darken the world, and some characters that just cowered in the shadows never really drawing attention to them selves but balancing out a well rounded world.

The world was so well written I could smell the salt in the air. Hear the roar of the waves, the crowds. I saw the broken boardwalk, the town, I was there. Bravo Mr. Buckley, you are now stuck with me as your fan. :D

I had bookmarked so much of the book it was ridiculous. There were so many lines that had me snorting with guffaws and singing with Awws. I couldn't share those with you, I didn't want to take a moment of discovery away from you as you get your first exposure to this world of salt and sand.


I can not wait for book 2 !