I Got The Ruck Feeling For This Main Character

Taming the Legend - Kat Latham

4.5 Rucking Stars
Loved it, loved the rugby talk, loved the rugby guys. -.5 stars for the too long sex scenes (I know WHAT ?) they were just too long I wanted to get on with the story.

Ash is a rugby god. He retires at the top of his game and find himself lost in his freedom. He no longer has a set program he must follow, a diet, a team, a place to belong. He runs into an old flame from his teenage years the one that he never forgot. It turns out she never forgot him either and their separation was helped by a controlling team manager. When she challenges him to coach a new team she has in California he decides to take a chance and give it a go. There may be a chance to develop a top team and rekindle a long lost romance. I could tell you more here but I’m not going to spoil it for you. There is are several massive surprises in store for Ash and there is a second chance but it might not be the way most would expect it.
I loved it, this was my first read from this author and the series. I went and bought book 1 as soon as I finished this one. I loved the rugby plays, the rugby spirit the team spirits, the manners, the romantic moments, the heartbreaking moments and even the times of sorrow.
The only part of the str that didn’t hit the 5 stars rating for me was the sex scenes. I know crazy right ? They were too long, unnaturally long, they lost their impact and I went skimming to get to the end. They were sexy, detailed and tasteful just too long for me.
I am a huge rugby fan, and a good rugby read is a rarity. I am hooked on this series.