Vampire Proof and Love

All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire - Kerrelyn Sparks

Toni is a human on a mission, she must prove vampires are real to save her friend. her friend was attacked and left to spew crazies out for all to hear. So Toni the dumb dumb goes back to the same spot to catch some ? Guess what happens... She is attacked ! Shocking isn't it. Duh ! So there she is getting her body chewed and sucked when a kilted god saves her. Oh sure I might have pulled and big idiot move for that savior too so she's forgiven. They give her a choice work for them or have your memory removed. She chooses to keep her memory so she can get her proof. She goes through her days conniving how to catch them on tape, slowly they start to look less evil. One of them young Ian who doesn't look 15 anymore is looking like a prime piece of vampire man wrapped in a soft sexy kilt. He knows she hiding something so he hunts, she wants proof so she digs, and somehow they end up getting closer. She is snarky and prickly he is patient and busy with his own deal.
Ian, all grown up and hot as can be. Women are drooling, screaming and nearly rioting to grab a date with him when he signs up with a dating website.He thinks a vamp woman would fit best for a life long love, no humans. Never say never dude. So little Toni the thorn in his side is looking pretty good and smells better. He fights his attraction, she is not for him. But she's the one who gives him kilt lift.
Fun, snark, love, fighting, lust and bitting. Let the games begin as this vampire series gets underway for another Christmas time ball. Enjoyable, good narration and great pacing with a HEA