Short Factual Fun With Caffeine

Coffee Gives Me Superpowers: An Illustrated Book about the Most Awesome Beverage on Earth - Ryoko Iwata

“Sip it slowly. This Book is highly caffeinated.”
A simple richly colored graphic book on the scene of coffee and more. Clear easy to rad graphs fill the pages, cute characters and true science.
Beer is good for coming up with ideas, coffee is good for get productive with those ideas, too much of either one is not good. Who would have expected this comparison ? How about when is the best time to drink coffee ? Yes, there is a science behind that and I went with it. It was right. Drinking coffee at the wrong time build up a tolerance to it. Small adjustments will keep me rushing all day.
There is fun, funny LOL fun. The worst drinkers is perfect, the author nailed it. I might be part stress junkie. If you get between me and my coffee there is a very good chance you are squirrel food. Additives, flavorings and sweetness, may kill you some day. LOL ! Oh the poem of love at the end. Hilarious.
Facts, facts facts, there are a lot of interesting facts to make you sound like the perfect coffee snob at any coffee house. How much America drinks, how much is traded, most expensive, most coffee houses, and more. Did you know coffee is actually a fruit ? Yes, it is, I’m counting it. Did you know caffeine is a pest control ? Luckily we aren’t pests. Wait till you read about the bees. Mistakes you might be making, covered. Why is coffee called a cup of joe ?