Wet Noses and HEA

Rescue My Heart - Jill Shalvis

HEA with wet noses.
How could you go wrong with dogs, rescues, hunky damaged souls and patient kind women ? You can't, this book was a cool ride down a river with some rapids thrown in for goose-bump moments. I love this author, she alway tugs at the heartstrings but leaves them in a beautiful bow.
Adam is back from a rescue that left him scarred deep to his soul. His search and rescue went very wrong when his team was attacked. He is back home working training dogs with Dell his Veterinarian brother where he must face his past Holly. Holly was his HS sweetheart, the one he left when he joined the National Guard, the one he broke her heart. She runs into him and old sparks fly, but there is a lot of water under the bridge between them.
These two have some real issues to overcome. Two kind hearted beautiful people who deserve the happiness lost, You can't help but cheer for them and want every moment to end in kisses and love. Very romantic