A Gentle lesson On Life

Find the Good - Heather Lende

Small town Alaskan obituary writer recounts her adventures writing about people she knew, didn’t know, like didn’t like and the flaws in every person. My favorite message was that the world is full of happiness, if only you are willing to take it as it is. She encounters all kinds of interesting characters in her little town. She struggles with some to find the good, but focusing of the good has made her a better person, happier, more centered in the world. her encounter Betty a small odd little kitten that grew permanently into her families heart was wonderful and beautiful.
She says at one point that her whole life seems “non intuitive”. Finding the good certainly isn’t. Love the ones who matter, the ones who love you and love them back. Don’t grow old and become a fearful person, hiding from life and the adventures all around you. That was what I got out of it that touched me. It is so easy to close the door and turn on the TV, safe easy and lifeless. There is a chapter on losing a mother that was lured with my tears.
It is not anything like I expected. This is a small book, written by a small town woman with a huge job. It is sometimes slow the stories can seem small town at times but they are so sweet. I slowed down my pace, I relaxed and just listened to her simple words wrap mourned the heart of all her people. This book is like sweet ice tea on a humid summer day.