It's Not All About the Zombies

Positive: A Novel - David Wellington

New York City, Manhattan at leaf is still holding on. The surrounding cities are left to rot. The zombies, control them, living in the crumbling ruins. Manhattan is semi safe, not having seen a zombie in over 15 years. The island is a sort of safe zone, but still few dare to go down to street level, old fears die hard. When a young second generation boy catches a strange cockroach type thing and brings it home for dinner his whole word changes.
Positives, people exposed to the virus are sent outside the safe zone to go to a camp set up by the Government. A place where they are treated and hopefully survive the incubation period. This poor teen boy was thrown out, and his escort to the camp was dead, murdered. He takes off towards the camp where he thinks his life will be put back together. To bad his path leads him to horrors he couldn’t even contemplate. Life in the wilds, is not pretty it’s filled with survivors and most have not made it because of their kindness, it was their ruthlessness. The gangsters, murderers, pedophiles, thieves, and crazies all jockey for control.
There are some good moments, little seconds of happiness. Friendships, trust and even love still fight to find cracks in the pavement to grow and bloom. The flowers get trampled poisoned and burned but they still reach for the sun.
I loved this horror novel it was just right for this reader. I was sickened by many of the events, the characters and the truths. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore gloom a brief rainbow came out and I followed it. This author has won a loyal fan here.