Four Big Squishy Sea Stars

Harrison Squared - Daryl Gregory

Four big fishy stars-Young Harrison Harrison is moving to a new town with his big water creature research obsessed mother. Not something he really wants to do but the other choices are much less appealing. Almost immediately he is left alone when his mother needs to go off on one of her research trips to track giant creatures. He is quickly placed in the local school, which is not at all the average school. He is treated like an outcast, unable to communicate with these odd students. The town is isolated, his rented house even more so, no internet, no cell phone service. There is a mystery that effects him in this location one he will soon encounter and his dreams or nightmares may may come true.

Harrison has vivid dreams, he dreams of teeth and tentacles, about the night he lost his foot an his father. The dreams shattered the truth, the facts not clear, his memories placed by voices directing them away from the truth.

Stories twisted and mutated by years and voices tell of ancient monsters surround this ancient fishing town. Superstition rules this land, new comers are suspect.

The characters in this town and school are freaky. Eye popping freaky ! Almost like any High School. LOL How can you not love a good quirky character ?

The staff at the school are all really off center. Weird off beat, unusual in their lessons. The library was my favorite room, you will find a great mystery there.

I loved it. It is a book for all young adults to old souls. The adventure is waiting, bring your swim suit and jump in.