Sexy Kilted Vampire with Great Narration

Be Still My Vampire Heart - Kerrelyn Sparks

Sweet, romantic, fun and sexy.

Ah sweet Angus, he stole my heart. I loved how he checked under his kilt overtime he shifted to make sure he was all there. He was the perfect gentleman, honor bound, respectful and driven to make his woman happy. Oh and happy he does versa well.

< wink >

Emma his sworn enemy, hates all things fanged, she kills them regularly. That is what draws attention to her, she is going to be killed by the malcontent vampires if she doesn't stop. Angus is charged with stoping her but her hatred blinds her to his real personality, she only sees a monster. She has reason, her history with fanged ones is not pretty and is backed up with a long ago promise.

Her stubbornness, his determination and their hunters will have them facing many realities before the end of the book .Where they end may be a predictable finale, but the path there was fun, exciting and enjoyable.