The Bachelor for Vampires

Vamps and the City - Kerrelyn Sparks


Cute fun story, light humor, light drama, extra cheese.

I like this series there is a sense of fun that you don't find with many paranormal romance reads. It's a perfect audiobook for those long drives, walks... when you just want something light to chuckle at and forget the time.

What happened when humans are sneaked onto the Sexiest Man in the Universe which is supposed to have only vampire contestants ? Will the sexiest man be human ? No, it is impossible, just ask the vampires. Yes, their egos are overinflated. Well, what about when vampire slayers sneak in and infiltrate the show ? They are vile horrible creatures, wait no the vampires are vile, or well crisp who is the big bad ? Romantic, Westside Story love, with nasty family action, evil blood suckers and well aged ladies.

I have one complaint, the narration was very good for most of it but a few of the voices . A couple sounded like old time smokers who had spent their life in a dirty bar.