Unrealistic, Unhelpful, Ridiculous

Brokenomics: 50 Ways to Live the Dream on a Dime - Dina Gachman

College party Frat/Sorority house financial guide-ish book or what ? It was humorous in a offensive way but offered little real financial advice.
Offensive. She went to a flea market with her mother where she noted the 300-400 lb people contemplating their leftover pork ribs and Dr. Pepper. Maybe 68% of LA is shallow, materialistic, annoying, flaky, narcissistic, money-hungry, celebrity wannabes? If your boss treats you like crap go ahead and steal from them ? Women selling their eggs, and a reference to one girl who had a personality being like a styrofoam cup ? It goes on and on, and I am not a fan of mean/stupid/drunk/selfish humor.
Not a book I would recommend or buy.