Sexy Smart Fun

Rock Hard - Nalini Singh

How could I not love this ? Rugby guy (check) Intelligent female (check) damaged hearts/backstory (check) slow and easy sexual tension (double check) Wonderful friends family (check), hot filthy rich rugger, One total arse-hat turd (big check) and top that off with an interesting style..and so much more

A young woman who had been brutalized by an ex has been living a life of a walking victim always on guard. Her schedule is all about locks, lights, checks and re checks, about being invisible. Her insecurities will be pushed and crashed when she is taken over by her new large sized aggressive styled ex rugby star boss in her company. She is forced to stand tall and tries hard not to be the scared mouse she has trained herself to be. He is a hot dream of a man and she thinks not for her at all. He is also the key to the door she can’t find on the path she is presently on. When she tries to find a new direction she shuts down and slams the door.
He is an ex rugby player, from a strong family called in to save a crumbling company. He is a business guru, known for pulling near dead companies back to a full rich life. He is filthy rich, rippled, handsome, and smart. He is also one really good guy, considerate, protective, generous and sexual. He see’s something in this beautiful mouse that he wants to know and he is patient enough to wait and work for it.
This is not the type of book I normally enjoy I lean towards the misunderstood monster under the bed or the shifter that can't deny his animalistic tendencies. I like fantasy creatures I can not lie. I do read Contemporary Romance, but most leave me with cavities or guffaws it is rare for me to like the characters, too many idiotic unrealistic moments. When I find one that hits the right way I can't put it down. I picked this one up because of my love for rugby, and rugby players. Without them I would have missed it. I found an interesting plot, two fabulous leads that are fun realistic and sexy, and several interesting side characters to support them. I could not get rid of that giddy feeling when I was immersed in their drama, couldn't wait for the next page. HEA ! The author did a fabulous job of adding just enough and never went too far for this reader. I will hunt down more in this series and from this author.