Wolves, Fae, Wizards and Back Stabbing

The Danger of Destiny - Leigh Evans

3.4 stars- The first book was like crack for me, I couldn't red it fast enough. the second slowed down but still sizzled, I skipped the third. This one, It seemed to take forever for this to get going for this reader. It was slow to me, there was a lot of talking, and rehashing of events past. I enjoyed it but didn't love it.
The story takes us along with Trowbridge and Hedi to Fae. They must save her twin, his pack and others who will be destroyed in the Old Mage wins his battle. We get to see them work together, well kind of. They spend much of their time apart, her questioning their relationship him being set in Alpha mode. His life there, her insecurities and their future all come to light while they are trying to survive some serious danger. Her me first attitude has got to change.
Hedi was forced to face herself, her ugly parts her true heart and with that everything changed. Her twin tested and warped tell lies more than truth. Her doubts, her lack of faith and her insecurities in herself eat at her soul.
The Amulets, Ralph, the staggering royal pain is still going strong. Merry is fierce in her weird shabby way, she is Hedi's best friend in many ways. Is there a chance for them to be free ?
The old mage, who never seems to go away has stepped up his demands. He wants it all and he does not care about life, love or family. This old guy was tweaking my last nerve.
One funny part was when heed called Trowbridge "Balto: the wonder dog. I