Anna And Charles A Bonded Pair Take On Power

Dead Heat  - Patricia Briggs

Anna and Charles, bonded pair, deeply in love, set out to find the person involved in threatening the family of one of their pack members. They plan on making it a two birds type trip, they will find the source of danger an pick up a new horse for new rider Anna. The threat becomes more then expected, dangerous, deadly and full of hidden truths. During this already horrible time Charles must deal with the mortality of humans, his best friend. The Fae are not following the rules lives will be lost, children are in danger and Charles is a Protector.
Wow, this book lets us see into this great and deadly man/Were. His connection to the human aged man and his family are very interesting we get a good look at a time in his life never seen before. He has to make some hard choices they may haunt him forever. His connection to Anna was a beautiful thing to see. They are a great couple that can keep me reading even after the chase has been run and won.
I really enjoyed stepping into this world again. I wished we had seen more of Bran but it was hinted he will be in the next book. The ending was a cliffhanger that twists the story into a new direction. I can’t wait for more.