The End Of Woodbury

The Walking Dead: Descent--Exclusive Digital Booklet (The Walking Dead Series) - Jay Bonansinga, Robert Kirkman

Woodbury, the town of dreams and hope, the town of blood and torture and death may finally fall forever. Lily one of the lobe survivors from The Governors time is fighting for the chance to make a life for her group of ragged people. When she encounters a lone young with a tale of fellow humans she sees hope with increased numbers to help build her dream. Sadly, this new world does not allow dreams to come true, reality is an ugly black ooze that they must all finally believe.

I hate to say this but I missed the repulsive Gov. He was such a perfect nasty wicked man, the new badness just couldn't live up or down to his level of depravity. It was still a good zombie read but for me it lacked the "Holy Crispies" moments that filled the other books. I don't think it is over, the ending was open for a continuation which I will read asap.