I Don't Know

Revival - Stephen King

Not What I Expected, Not What I Wanted, Not What I Look For in A Book.


I think I liked it, I never wanted to quit it. So How the heck did I feel about it ? I'm not sure. Frustrating, was what it was. I keep going waiting for the "Boom Boom Out Go the Lights" moments so famous in the King Books I've read but it just keep going without one. Then finally in the last few hours there was a moment, well that's what it felt like after such a long wait, a horror filled moment that wasn't all the horrific. Did I like the characters ? No, not so much, they where a bit dull and normal. Did I like the drama ? No, it was too close to normal everyday life. Did I sit there on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what was going o behind the Rev. ? Yes, I sat, I waited, I held my breath for so dang long. It took so long to get to the Boom, when it happened I was just not feeling it.

But did I like the book ? I still don't know !