Ancient Spirits, Silver Bullets and Lost Dreams

Overwinter - David Wellington

What a fast and furious ride this short series has been.  I loved both books, both drove me mad with anticipation, never knowing which way it would go. This second book delved into the ancient spirit gods histories and the myth behind the Were, spinning one fantastic tale. I will miss the characters, even the hated ones the author did a wonderful job of developing them, I felt like I knew them. They became a black branch in the old family tree, which of course they marked and tore at. There was the right amount of everything, enough horror, enough hate, enough love, enough hope, enough intrigue and enough questions to make it complete.  This author does not follow the format found in so many of the books I read. The lack of what I expected threw me off a bit, I expected the normal HEA, that is so common I was reaching for it between the words.  When it didn't go how I expected I was exhilarated and a bit shocked. Dzo is my favorite character and stole the show.

He has become one of my favorite go to authors and I can't wait to get more of his work in my hands.