Tattoo Me The Save Me

Hard as It Gets - Laura Kaye

Audiobook-Take a group of special force ops with dubious backgrounds, a girl with a kidnapped brother and add some serious drip trading and you have the making of a action based romance. She is the daughter of their commander who died and left home framed for a crime they say they didn't commit. Her brother, was kidnapped and the the message he left for her was to contact this guy who turned out to be from her fathers group of angry warriors. Well he decides to help her for several reasons, they bond, things get hot/cold confusing with the messages being passed between them. Meanwhile the group is still pissy, they fight, then make up, back and forth. You get the idea, not a well put together group. There are bullets, body parts, messy houses, pizza, and macho juice moments mixed with some mushy kiss time. It gets gong fast, danger is everywhere and then the book ENDS ! Cliffhanger, yep.
What worked:
1) The guys were pretty cool, loved the individual personalities
2) Tech, tech, tech, got my nerdy loving tech heart ticking
3) The guys were all hot in different ways
4) Great sex
5) Intense action
5) Conspiracies ?
6) Tattoo palor
What didn't work:
1) Love already ?
2) Sex while there is a finger in the other room- gag
3) Love too soon
4) Love too easy

I'm not sure if I'll continue the series. I liked it but I don't feel compelled to find out the who and what right now.

Note on the narrator: Great voice but she was so zen, I didn't really feel the scary intense parts. I was so mellow, man it was a trip. Sorry her voice was a thing of beauty I want her to read a mediation book for me.