Slow and Easy

First Frost - Sarah Addison Allen

This beautifully written book was like a ride down a lush wooded country river. Gentle and easy, never developing into rapids, it just flowed and twisted along, developing strength as it went. While it had a slow start it quickly filled with interesting characters with quirks that kept me guessing. 

This was a story about a family of talented people who have unusual gifts. They are all as different as the people who have them, some more directly useful then others. It is about growing pains and finding your place it the world, knowing where you come from. It's about family, quirky, weird, crazy and couldn't live without it, family. Yes, like a normal family with a touch of something more and one temperamental apple tree that had me giggling.

This was a first read book, my first reading of this authors work and I plan on reading more. I loved the way she weaved her words and made simple so beautiful.