Like a Country Song

Girl with Guitar - Caisey Quinn

Sweet innocent Kylie just lost her much loved Dad in a horrible accident. He left her the evil stepmother who throws her out after accusing her of sleeping with her men toys. She takes what little she owns and heads to Nashville to fulfill a promise she made to her father. She is going to be a country star ! She need a job, a place to sleep and a place to play. After finding those she meets the biggest ego, drunkest player in town and there begins a new chapter on the country road of heartbreak and song.
It was cheesy, unbelievable, things just came together too easy, she was too naive, she was a virgin, luckily that wasn't a big issue in the story, and had some really dumb moments.
It was also, sweet, kind, warmhearted and sexy, wow somebody went to the peak ! It was what it was a country romance. The sex was written, nothing over done. The romance was nicely paced with cliffhanger to keep you coming back for book 2.
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