A CookBook Filled With Recipes that Inspire

The Fresh Vegan Kitchen: Delicious Recipes for the Vegan and Raw Kitchen - David Bailey, Charlotte Bailey

Fresh ingredients with little to no cooking to preserve the nutrients and enzymes. Food as nature made it for our bodies. Straight forward, easy to follow direction without a lot of chit chat that many cookbooks fill their pages with. This is a recipe books filled with recipes, good ones.
Some of the ingredients might be difficult to locate in some areas. There were several recipes I did not try because I have not seen the ingredients at my local natural/asian markets. Fresh Curry leaves ?, I called 4 major stores they had never seem them.
In the breakfast section I found s recipe to make coconut yogurt that is so easy and tastes wonderful. I’ve been buying it from my local grocery store at high cost compare to making it. There is also a scrambled tofu recipe that adds a few new ingredients to a dish I have been making for years, and made it better.
Baby it’s cold outside right now and soup is wanted by all. We tried the Tom Yum Hed soup, a spicy SE Asian mix that had my testers begging for the recipe. The Miso soup was another big winner, with a lovely kelp mushroom broth.
Small dishes had some winners. the Pot Stickers were golden ! I had to fight just to get one of them. The Boa Zi Buns hit the spot perfectly. The Bahn Mi Chay had the pickle recipe I’ve been searching for since having this sandwich at a local restaurant years ago.
The salad and curry sections had some very interesting looking choices but I did not try any. I have summer plans for some of those dishes.
The mains had a “fish” and chips that grabbed me. It is one of the dishes I loved the flavor of, it was good, really good. I’ll be serving the Jackfruit sliders for the Superbowl as part of my buffet.
There is a side dish, dips, pickles and spread set ion with many great looking choices. I will revisit many of the dip/pate recipes.
Desserts, now we are talking ! There were not enough recipes in this section for my sweet tooth. The peanut and black sesame dumplings where what we picked, we had all the ingredients. Wow, very unusual, very easy to make. There is a recipe for raw chocolate brownies that sound interesting to try someday.
The book ends with a selection of basic recipes to accompany the recipes. I really enjoyed the bright pictures and the fact that it was short and direct.