Sweet Stinky Dead Win My Heart Every Time

The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor: Part Two - Jay Bonansinga, Robert Kirkman

4.4 flying dead stars
The story of Woodbury as it struggles with one crazy fool as a leader while trying to save themselves from those evil nasty prison hoodlums. This story starts right where part one leaves off with one nearly dead _________.
This is not your TV show version, this is serious walking dead badarseness ! Things are different yet similar, the same characters same town same issues but there is so much more offered in these novels. We get to know them, all of them the side characters that may or may not have made it to the show. There are a lot of deaths, but they don't die in the same way as the show. It's much more horrible, bloody, slimy, satisfying for one of them. The Governor, he gets it Oh boy does he get it ! It was good to feel his pain, and I could feel it. The writer dose a fabulous job and the narrator nailed it to the wall !

Know what else was great the dumb girl mold was broken by a finally got smart girl. Yep, it can happen ! This girl outlasted, outlived and outsmarted all those big strong men !

A certain evil rotten villain we all love to hate is still not dead. Oh my gawd are you kidding me ? How the heck did he get up from that ? I was waiting for the end and BAM there was a pulse rate. Son of a __________.

That's fine, really, I got to enjoy many hours of their slow downward spiral into crazy town USA.

Damn good zombie tale, if you like the show you'll love the books.