Sweet Country Crazy

The Last Cowboy in Texas - Katie Lane

Sweet country crazy romance
I received this as a first read giveaway and have not read the previous 6 books in the series. I wish I had, there were some wild characters that I bet had a fabulous back story. There were town drunks, crazy relatives, crazy townies, nutty in laws, small town gossip, broken hearts, committed loves, angry teens, bonkers bad guy, sexy cowboys, not all there officers, hard stock women, women of pleasure, and more. I didn't know any of them but I still enjoyed this ride through this crazy little group. I can only imagine how much fun it would be if I had known them !
Sexy country star comes back to her home town where the love of her life lives with his wife. She brings her baggage with her, her family. There she works her crazy plot to get her love back when something unexpected walks into her path. A big strong sexy man who is nothing like the man she used to know. Well, too bad she hates him and he hates her, yeh right. LOL things get complicated, plans go haywire, she finds herself under all that fame and a evil plan is foiled. Romantic, sexy, small town fun.