Not For Me Not At All

Heroes Are My Weakness: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips


1.7 stars-I should have quit- this was not my kind of book at all
Quick and dirty- a down on her luck ventriloquist returns to her recently passed mother's island cottage to recover from many woes where she runs into and old flame, a mute child and an island of misfit grannies. She talks to her dolls, acts weird, avoids honest conversations, bends over backwards to keep everyone OK, sleeps with someone she shouldn't and gets shot at.


I do not like talking dolls, and dolls that people converse with are just creepy. I know, that is what a ventriloquist does, dummy ! No, this was more, she talked with them when they weren't even there, when she was alone, as her confidants, her friends. In the beginning of the story it was so overpowering I was just shaking my head muttering "this chick is wacko". There could be arguments that the dolls did have a positive spin, therapy dolls. I can see that being a great thing but ARGUH ! it did not screen romantic, sweet, endearing, no it screamed crazy to these ears. Why was it so dominate in the story ?


Was there romance, sure a very predictable step by step one. Was it sweet and made my heart flutter ? No, I was hear Scamp or Leo or some other freaky voice while things where getting waned up which ruined it for me. She played games, she couldn't manage to speak her mind on matters of her heart, she was a bender, no solid back bone.