An Entertaining Bad Boy Smexy Read

Better When He's Bad - Jay Crownover

Enjoyable with a bad guy that was believable and a bit of an arse.

A simple story of a bad bad boy from the wrong side. He beds a good girl and fights the world to save her while she fights his world to save him. Complications happen, disapproval runs wild, beatings are regular, sex is often and tamer then I expected.


Major issue which might have bothered me more because I listened to it audiobook. The author kept repeating these words and descriptions:

"Gasp"- this girl gasped so much I'm surprised she didn't hyperventilate

"Moss Colored Eyes"-she mentioned it he mentioned it and others mentioned it, so any times it was like she was a swamp

There were other but those, omg I get it she gasped a lot and he noticed she noted her moss colored eyes a lot !

The author noticed everyones eye color, over and over.