Wow, So Much More Than I Expected

Delirium - Susan Kaye Quinn

The Grim Reaper with benefits. This version of the grim is not a romantic lost soul he is an addict. He gets a charge off every life he ends and it is euphoria for him, not so much for the other guy. He works for controlling people who sell his collections
to prominent clients and give him a small tip/hit for his service. After a good hit he likes to celebrate with a little hide the sausage in one of the prostitutes that specialize in his kind. It's all going as planned till his girl on the pay check is not after his payment but needs him to help another. This change upsets his balance and has him stumbling to understand what he is and why he is.
I was not expecting to like this much I went in with negative expectations. First it's a serial which haven't sold me till now. Second, well the blurb sounded good but I've been disappointed a lot. Ha ! I loved it. Wow, it was edge of the seat, mind twisting, sci-fi, urban fantasy, and horror dark fun. The grim was not at all like I expected, and I loved reading him. His world was do far off from what everyone else writes and it worked, oh it sure
did. I'm hooked.