A Beautiful Story of Life and Death From a Cat's POV

The Traveling Cat Chronicles  - Hiro Arikawa

The connection between man and animals goes so deep. Such a wonderful tale from a cat's POV. Nana, who is a male cat, his tale has the shape of the 7 character so Satoru named him so. Nana was a stray, until an injury left him vulnerable, Satoru rescued him and gave him a home. They form a bond, well the cat deside to stay for awhile, because you know it is always up to the cat. Time passes Satoru and Nana develop an unbreakable bond, even when faced with a great change. Nana and Satoru go on an adventure.
*Spoilers below*
Oh this book ! I really enjoyed the Japanese view on life and death through this cat's eyes. The connection with the people, the earth and ancestors it was beautiful. The end of a life even short was so respected and almost celebrated. Nana readies himself for his transition by training the next generation (kitten) the ways. In the end Nana was always his cat and they will see each other again, when the time comes.