Purple Haze

The Burning Shadow - Jennifer L. Armentrout

4.5 (spoiler alert if you haven't read previous books)
It was a 3 then it grew into a 4 and bam the last 10% Went 5 stars with it's twisted wicked ending.
Humans can be such jerks ! Kill Kill Destroy, Kill, Overpower, Manipulate, and Own It All. Mwhahahahaha I'm so anti human right now, even wearing my alien lover badge. They thought the worst of the worst was over, but they were wrong.
Luc, Purrr Purrr he makes my inner cougar very happy. Oh dang it I went there. He's a dreamy package with purple eyes, PURPLE ! I don't care if he's a teen character. Him and Nadia/Evie are such a connected couple, I love a long drawn out courtship. there is no insta hormone loving teenager stuff here, thankfully.
Oh the ending ! Wicked Ms. Armentrout has a twisted soul for leaving me hanging like that. I thank you dear author, you rocked it out !